Plumped Peptide Eye Gel-cream 10g

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Plumped Peptide Eye gel-cream – a lightweight yet deeply nourishing formula using the latest anti-ageing ingredients to promote healthy skin metabolism and structure.

Heptapeptide-8 is an amino-peptide that has been specifically developed to copy the actions of laminin-5, which has been discovered by scientists to be necessary for the health and appearance of the skin through improvement of the dermal-epidermal junction. The dermal-epidermal junction acts to resist skin damage from mechanical forces, and helps to regular water, oxygen, nutrient exchanges and waste removal in the skin.

By combining heptapeptide-8 with the moisture-locking actions of hyaluronic acid, daily use of the Peptide Eye gel-cream will lift and plump the eye contour, firming fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet, minimising puffiness and brightening dark shadows.

Formulated as a gel-cream it really feels like it is doing exactly what it is meant to.  Often used over top of a serum to lock moisture in overnight, you will wake up feeling ready to face the day.