Plumped Anti-Ageing Pack

Plumped Anti-Ageing Pack

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We have chosen the top three products that we know will keep you looking youthful ... we all want to look younger right ?! 

Sooo, in this pack you will find the Plumped Hyaluronic acid & Vitamin C (in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which will not oxidise thus maintaining potency...).  We recommend application of the serum morning and night either used alone or under your day and night creams. 

Next is the amazingly hydrating and restorative Retinol : Hyaluronic acid 1:1 night gel-cream.

Use this over the serum to lock moisture in all night long . 

We must give special treatment to our under eye area, the skin is a little different here and really responds to extra TLC!  With the immersion of an eight chain peptide into the firming base, it’s no wonder your eyes will look firmed and fresh.