plumped serum system... we all love using serums

Ok, so we've come up with the ideal skin care regime. I absolutely love using serums, they are light, easy to apply without leaving you feeling too covered before applying makeup .  So many of our customers can't bear to run out of their serums, they notice their skin feeling a lot dryer and start seeing the fine lines reappear as the plumping effect starts to go.  We have found that layering the serums and using a different serum for a different purpose, at another time of the day really helps to maintain that all day glow and hydration.  

We have 4 serums in the plumped serum system. 

1. plumped Vitamin B3 serum

2. plumped hyaluronic acid 1% boost serum

3. plumped retinol & hyaluronic acid serum 

4. plumped Vitamin C 25% serum 

How it works:


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